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Crested Gecko

R. Ciliatus

Fire Crested Gecko
    My first herp that started it all was a Crested Gecko.  Crested Geckos make totally awesome pets.  Due to their low matenience, "not caring" attitude, and room temperature preferances.  Crested Geckos also have alot of personality, and are fairly active as compared to most other nocturnal Geckos.  Crested Geckos are nocturnal (active at night).  Unlike alot of lizards in the reptile world.  members of Rhacodactylus have a diet primarily composed of fruits (or in captivity:baby food).  Flavors such as Apricot, Pears, Peach, and tooty fruity are good choices.  An occasional Chicken can make for a healthy Gecko (for protein intake).  In addition, if so desired, crickets may be fed to your Gecko, it will happily consume them.   But first you must gut-load (fill w/ nutricious foods) the crickets first.  Also if feediing crickets, its a good idea to sprinkle Calcium powder on them, for nessicary nutrients.  Same thing goes for mealworms (But in my opinion:  mealworms should be fed extremely lightly, if at all.  Due to the relatively high fat content,  and high protein content found in them.  It is hard for Cresteds to digest large amounts of either).
Crested Geckos come in a huge variety of patterns and colors.  Ranging from white...
to orange...
to browns... 
(chocolate dalmation)
to yellows...
to reds and oranges...
and even greens... 
SO Obviously they comein a wide variety of colors
They also come in many patterns. such as the "fire morph"...
  which, as you can see, creates the appearence of almost flickering flames down the Gecko.
Also, another beauty, is the"Harlequin" morph...harlequin CG.jpg
Shown there is the pattern known as the pinstripe pattern...

Shown bekow is an example of the tiger morph...
another example, and a popular  morph: darktiger or darkfire:
9a.Dark Tiger Fire Phase.jpg

Then there is the "dalmation" or "speckled" morph...


So, as you can plainly see, Crested Geckos come in many "morphs" or varieties. 




They're also (in my mother's words) "very cute"


Here's my Snuggles!
Click on the link for my new trio!