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My Cresteds

R. Ciliatus

Currently in my collection of Rhacodactylus ciliatus is 9 geckos... 
This one here is my male... I got him from THEE Phillepe de Vosjoli.
This one here is my 3 (almost 4 now) year old Yellow Dalmation I got from Captive Science...  I call her "Stubby"
She is the one the kids get out and playa with.  She's very sweet and will likek her Crested Gecko food right out of my hands.
Then there is Rohzita...(My little siblings call her "chubby")
45 Gallon
Then there are 2 extremely colored males in my 45 gallon tank w/ my whites treefrogs.
There is the most intense Fire gecko I have ever seen.  He turns a dark chocalate color w. extremely intense Flame orangey pattern on his back.  He is very spunky, and has gotten a hold of me on numerous occasions.
2nd is my newest male...  Bianco (means "white")  I have labelled this one as the very rare Vanilla Morph
-1st Clutch
In My 1st clutch, I hatched 4/4 eggs The're color is really variable, but it seems that it goes from cool to kind of plainish to really cool to kind of plainish to incredicle!(and so on),Amongst the 4 there is Primo (the first one, who is getting a very light color to him, but a very neat sort of harlequin patter.  The 2nd hatchling(My favorite) is the absolute coolest tiger morph I have ever seen.  Then there is this little spunky guy w/ enough pattern and color to rival his Uncle Flavus.  The last one that hatched has some dalmation spoting and he is a deep orangey color.  I am very happy w/ them.  I have 6 more incubating.