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Other Cresteds (My 1st Hatchlings!!!)

Rhacodactylus ciliatus

This is my first clutch, and my first ever baby  herptiles!
The 1st one that hatched I call "Primo" (Italian) or Primus (Latin) which means "first"
Then there is #2 (         ) Latin It's got awesome tiger stripes and is a cool yellow green color
The 3rd one has lots of Spunk  and gapes any time I try to do anything (ex: pick him up, move a piece of bark, open the cage, enter the room ect.)  He is my favorite.  He has got the absolute coolest coloration too.  He has got Flame sidings like his daddy and Uncle.
Then the fourth is primarily solid tan colored w/ light tiger stripes on his back and a bright white tail

All information on this page was gathered from Bobby Pruett @ (check it out)