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Rhacodactylus ciliatus

Snuggles, my Crested Gecko was how my whole entire herp life started...  Well, actually I had a painted turtle for about 7 years named tor.  Also for a couple mounths I had a tortoise named tur.  Then after letting Tor go, (Tur escaped while my sister was wathcing him (even though he moved at 2 1/2 miles per hour) about 4 years before)  I caught a much smaller painted turtle and named him Camel (long story).  I kept him for awhile then gave him to a friend as a birthday present (where he currently resides today).  I also had alot of leapord frogs, common toads, and gray treefrogs growing up.  But I never truly got introduced to the heptological world until I met the wonderful Creste Gecko at the pet store I had just gotten hired into.  I fell in love (in a matter of speaking).  I would walk around with him on my shoulder, preaching about the newly aquired information I had learned from the Reptiles annual.  I got "obsessed" you could say.  And I read everything about them I could.  Every single care sheet on the inernet, every standard gecko care sheet, talked to tons of people.  And I finally got him.  At a very resonable price too.  He was just a hatchling, only a week or 3 old.  I took him home and cared for him.  And so began my obsession with herptiles.  Especially Rhacodactylus.  Right now I feed Snuggles mostly Pears baby food.  On weekends I usually do Peaches.  Sometimes I feed him chicken, for the protein.  Also for extra kicks and giggles I feed him tooty fruity.  One time when I was out of baby food I fed him creme savers strawberry and creme yogurt, which he delightfully consumed.  About once every other week I feed him some heavily gut loaded crickets.  Now without further adoo.  I will show you a collection of pics of my prized Crested Gecko...

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